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Best and worst movie trailers

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The best & worst movie trailers of 2012: The good, the bad, and the unfathomable

By | Movie Talk – Wed, Dec 19, 2012 6:11 PM EST
Photos courtesy of Walt Disney, Universal, and Dimension
A good trailer is supposed to make you want to see the movie. A great trailer makes you NEED to see the movie so badly that you’ll remain unfulfilled as a human being until you do. These five best trailers of 2012 did that and more. As for the worst trailers of the year, well, we didn’t rush out to see any of the flicks they’re advertising, but they did make us wonder how the heck the movies got made in the first place. And they sure were fun to write about! Obviously, there are plenty of others that could have made this list, so please let us know your choices in the comments below.

Wreck-It Ralph,” teaser trailer -- After a brief memory-jolting romp through an old-school arcade, the trailer kicks in with the Talking Heads' “Once in a Lifetime” and its catch phrase “same as it ever was,” which sets the tone for Ralph’s existential crisis. As the trailer unfolds, the simple brilliance of the conceit unfolds as well: What happens when an arcade closes? What do the video game characters do when they’re not working? It’s one of those great ideas that seem so obvious you can’t believe it’s never been done before, and you can’t wait to see how the movie will bring the premise to life. Not to mention, our curiosity was beyond piqued as to just what happened to all our old 8-bit pals after we spent so much quality time with them.

"Piranha 3DD"  -- We get that this film doesn’t take itself very seriously, but judging from the trailer, perhaps this B-movie sequel should have taken itself just a little bit seriously. No, we’re not hassling the Hoff; his deft comic touch is always welcome. And we certainly have nothing against the gratuitous flaunting of double D’s. But the premise of this film is way too much to overcome: Even if piranhas have evolved so much that they've figured out how to follow drainage lines into a water park, why would they? Wouldn’t they be more comfortable in nonchlorinated water? OK, you’re right, that’s nitpicking. Let’s officially file this one in the “so bad it’s good” category

Snow White and the Huntsmen,” second theatrical trailer -- It’s easy to say they had us at Charlize Theron’s milk bath, but that’s just one of the stark and stylish images that make this trailer stand out. And the reimagining of the mirror on the wall as a liquid-gold menace is a perfect symbol for just how different this telling of the classic fairy tale will be from the one we’ve grown up with. Then there’s the fact that the heroes of the adventure -- Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth -- don't show up until well after the menace is so deviously established, thus making their evil-squelching presence subconsciously desired.

Not Another Celebrity Movie” -- Lighting? Has anyone heard of lighting? Sound editing? Anyone remember to check the levels? Oh what’s it matter anyway when the cast of celebrity “look-alikes” doesn’t look or sound anything like they’re supposed to? You’re really going to try to get someone to impersonate Brad Pitt when the even real Brad Pitt doesn’t look as beautiful as he did when “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) came out? Still, it’s worth noting that the guy who plays Charlie Sheen looks the part enough to make us do a double take, seeing as Charlie Sheen could easily end up in a project this bad someday soon.

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