Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The part of me I do not like

It is not an easy thing to accept about yourself
What is that some might ask
That you are selfish, self centered and care for little or even nothing or anything
There is another voice that argues within you that you weren't always like this
That you hardened and toughened up to survive in this dreary and cold world
For some that thought may even exonerate them in their spirits
But for me it doesn't
All I feel is more self loathing
Life I just realized is more about giving than it is about taking
Its about setting others on the road to discovery where their destiny can be preserved and unspoilt or unshaken
Around you
Everyday in your homes and your offices
Lie ample opportunities to make a difference
But instead of going after what we should be craving
We are chasing
Our own lusts and ambitions
We are here to make a difference
Most do not ask themselves this singular question
How many lives have you been touching
I most especially is guilty
When I was younger
Touching lives was one of the many things I was good at doing
Several dozen bad experiences along the way
I can't seem to do the same
I found myself on the wrong side of my friends and even my family
But I thank God for Jesus, for Paul and in our present days David Oyedepo and Abioye
I have learnt service, servanthood and stewardship are some of the things we are called to be
Not like the grave that swallows up everything. I am called to make a difference.
We all are
It's time for a reawakening
Cos the tides are swiftly changing
Our God is waiting
So is our world
Waiting for our awakening
Glory be to the heavenly nation

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