Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dreams and the call from within

I want to fly
Yeah you heard me
I want to go to a place where no one knows me
I want to be at peace
I want to be free
Soaring across wide open plains and fields
Where worries and troubles can never reach me
I want to be
Be what I want to be
Not what the world wants me to be
I want to feel
What no one or nothing has ever made me feel
I see the stars and I want to soar amongst them
Be in a place where no one can reach to bug me
I want to see him
Even though I know he lives within me
I am tired of everything around that I see
I am not satisfied with what will be will be
There is no champion like me
No one who sees things
The way I see
There is only me
Then there is my father
The one who made me
Then me
Its like I wait for something
Only he can bring
And I cannot but wait for it
If I don't I will never be fulfilled
And this is why I traverse the peaks
Searching for that which will complete me
Now I am a man on a mission
And I cannot deny it
I am a man searching for a solace
Only the heavenly father can give
I am the man chasing a dream
So move aside
You who don't understand me
Move away and let me be
The truth is plain to me
What will be will be!
That is the only thing that makes sense to me
Shalom pips

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