Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where I was - Shiloh!!

I was privy to a beautiful thing today
I was seated in front of the almighty
I was wary
As i listened to his servant
But I wasn't afraid
Unlike the times before

When I kept expecting thunder to strike me down
For my many sins
I was taken to realms I never believed
I was given some depths of insight
Which up to recently
I had never thought
Or even believed
He spoke so succinctly
Here was a man who knew who he was
And who he had behind him

Not many could believe what he was saying
Some would even think us fools
To even countenance
The gems he was imparting into our spirits
He spoke of honor
I was made to understand that holding another in high esteem is not human worship
God expects it
How can anyone doubt what is so clear to me?
How can anyone not want to fly to the peaks wherein lies a great destiny?
How can others deny what is so plain?
How can so great a move of the spirit be so greatly discountenanced?

I don't expect you to believe as I do
I don't expect you to see what i see
Or be as devoted as I am
But if you could take a peek beyond those blinkers of yours
You would see that God is real
He lives
The very nature of man needs something to believe in
To deny this is to deny what makes who we are
America didn't become this great simply by wishing
The very tenets of their great nation was founded on Christianity
It's sad to think that now
The greater proportion no longer believe
The bible to many is regarded as a dusty old book
Their president a herald of change is a champion of another thing
He supports gay rights and a host of other things
I'll bet many of the founding fathers would be turning in their graves
At what is now rampant on the streets of God's own country

I mean they brought religion to us
Now even we believe more than they do
Not that everything works here
We are so religious
But deep inside ungodly
We care for no one
Lining our pockets to most is the only thing that matters

But I digress
I am getting ahead of myself
I was in a place that spoke of better things
I was in a place that gave me hope for what comes after this
I was in Shiloh
This morning
And I will be there till saturday
Sitting at the feet of the king
Listening to the man sent by him
I am unworthy
But I am glad for his mercy
In a hopeless world
God is the only hope for mankind
Under his shroud lies my safety
I pray you will all meet me under this canopy
Which births the miraculous

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