Monday, December 3, 2012

No her, No us, Only me

There is no us
There is no her
There is no we
There is only me
So y'all can all go ahead and bite me
I want to be free
I have nothing to offer anyone
But me

I am spent emotionally
Please believe me
I am tired of all i see around me
Sometimes i wonder whether my good heavenly father hears me
Sometimes i feel
My sin is so great that i have blocked him from me

There is nothing but this
I have nothing else to give
So don't expect anything from me
I have nothing
All I have is twisted
Like a hundred and fifty pile up on the express
mangled and twisted in the depths of me

Now I can barely believe
I hear what he tells me
I even see it in dreams
But pressures around me try to squeeze the hope out of me
I feel nothing
Only an emptiness i couldn't explain to anyone
Least of all thee

All i can be now is secluded and free
So I can breathe
If i don't get it right this time
It might be the last time for me
I can almost hear you say sin consciousness
Eats up at me
I can almost hear you say
Alone is what you shouldn't be
But this is what I have to be
I cannot cope with having someone need and rely on me
When I am as spent as this

I have nothing on my insides to give
Don't expect what I am incapable of handing out even as a treat
Emotionally I am an empty shell
Nothing else at the moment matters to me
I can only pray that my God in heaven will have mercy on me
Because without him
I am nothing
And if this emptiness continues
What is to become of me?
I have nothing to give
And for that
There is no her
There is no us
There is no we
There is only me

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