Sunday, October 14, 2012

At war with myself

I am at war with myself__
O----K! I hear you say. But relax I will explain.
The do this and don't do this syndrome sometimes threatens to drive me insane
There are things that are wrong__
This is not just religious conditioning
It is a tell from the depths of your spirit that what you are getting involved in spells naught but doom
I like how Rod Parsley put it
That catch phrase caught my attention and has stayed with me
ever since i heard it.
However I do not believe in blaming the devil for every dumb thing that i do.
He can only whisper to me
The way I understand it he can't force me to do anything
The only entrance he has to me is the leeway i give him.
Tell a fib, don't do it
It will hurt if the truth is revealed.
Be honest do things the right way
I agree
But you wonder why the people who do
What religion considers bad get away with it and for some annoying reason prosper.
I am at war with myself!!
A person stands before me and i can see he/she needs a shoulder to lean on
It would be the easiest thing to lend mine
But every time i think of my own issues,
The problems that surround me
The issues many do not see
That i hold within
It becomes let me say difficult
To make another person's problems my own
When i haven't solved what is making me groan
I am at war with myself
The voice tells me why care?
What you want and what will take you there you should take
And not mind how many eggshells you break
Or the hearts you might put in a twist.
But i pause__
Maybe I am not that ruthless
I am at war with myself
She sits down beside me
And i really don't know what gives
I could take advantage of her with so much ease
After all no woman likes a good guy
She prefers a rogue and a thief
A kak who will use and leave
But the question i ask myself is
Is that me?
Then comes my siblings
To me, they are the only thing
That is important to me
MY Family, my kin
But am I not supposed to love everybody?
You could go crazy thinking about these things
I am at war with myself
I guess that is how it will always be
War and peace
Its really hard to believe

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