Friday, October 5, 2012


I am a christian!
I know what you are thinking... Good for you! Or so? or better yet... is this another Jehovah witness thing?
If the latter is what flashed in your mind ... then hahahahhhahahahah!
You are hilarious.
No this is not about that.
This month in my church.... which is Living Faith church (For those of you who don't know wink!) more popularly known as Winners Chapel world wide. We are in the month of righteousness! Yeah I know! A bit of a cliche you'd say cos Christians are supposed to live righteously. So its a done deal right? Wrong!!!
A lot of us... (myself included) Struggle with righteousness.
Every time i lay my head on the pillow i say a prayer for God to forgive me for my many sins. Most of which are fornication based! lol
Its nothing to laugh about but am trying to lighten the mood. Many of you reading this might not understand where I am going with this but i will get to that in a bit. Am a young guy (Thirty two to some might not be considered young in your book, but i see myself as young *laughs) with i must confess needs. Physical if i say so myself.
Now from a religious stand point, tis better you get hitched to stave off ur baser instincts! But it will be fool hardy in my book to marry when financial stability has not been achieved. And i dunno how many women will look kindly to ur giving excuses when its time to pay d bills.... Shudder!!
In my country Gals would hardly look at you if you dont have a good stash in your pocket. Its a how much you got, lets get hitched kinda thing here.
The clerics will tell you that plead the blood, say no to the devil and speak in tongues and abracadabra and those instincts are toast! dunno about anyone else but it doesnt work like that for me. Maybe I am not as spiritual as i  need to be. Maybe I am failing God I dunno! Or maybe am just a self serving unrighteous kak! who knows.
But shouldnt there be a way! would God have told us to be righteous if we were not capable of being righteous? Or am i fighting against my self? Fighting against my nature. Maybe i ought to be praying to get hitched. But a man can't think of getting hitched before his finances are on track. The job stuff here doesnt bode well either. When you are living in a country where unemployment is almost sixty percent! You do the maths.
Maybe the prayers of forgiveness most nights are gonna keep going. I am gonna do better Father i know. But i do need your help.
Comments are welcome!!!

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