Thursday, October 25, 2012

To a father that hears me

Its puzzling. Damn right disconcerting....
The questions keep piling
But the answers are not unfolding
I am not a nice person
It's conflicting, the expressions unending
How do I put this miasmic feelings into words
So you can see me....
But you can't so what can I do but keep breathing
Keep believing... That something up
There in the stars wants what's best for me
I disappoint him
He expects so little from me
And the little that he wants I find it hard to give
I should live to please him
He is my father
Yet the guilt threatens to flay me
I asked my brother last night If I was a nice person
Even though I knew what his response would be
Yet he is wrong about me
I am not a nice person!
If I was,
I would obey the father who has done so much for me
His sweet spirit is always with me
He lives in me
In his arms I live
He is the one who owns the air that circulates in my lungs
He is the one who infuses me with power to live on
Be strong
To be the one
I am sprung!
Lost at sea
Adrift! Spray so thick I can barely see
He brought me back from the brink
He is the one reason I still exist
He is me
And I am he
All I can say now is
Help me to be, the man you said and want me to be
Cos without you I am nothing but air
Nothing but dirt to be buried and forgot
But with you I AM KING!
Empower me to truly live
Please father I beg of thee!
Its me!

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