Monday, October 29, 2012


I am at the crossroads once more
It’s the ever familiar folklore
My heart is sore
I do not want to feel like this anymore
Why now?
Why Lord?
She touches my heart in a way I cannot ignore
Each time she annoys me
I shout praise God
Maybe this is the fuel I need
To flee and be gone

But no matter how hard I wish
What I feel becomes more
Is this love?
Ha! I think not!
That’s the cynical side of me
Trying to be strong
Is this love?
No I think not
But I must admit I feel something
And this thing gnaws
At my insides
Like iodine is to a sore

Why now?
Why here?
One look in her eyes
And am like oh well
This feeling is back again
Why do I keep getting into these scrapes?
Abi I dey craze?

Now let me speak to you directly
You mean a lot to me
What I described earlier
Is just me fighting against what I know is real
I am not telling you this
Because I feel somehow by some miracle
You are gonna be with me
Neither am I telling you this
So you can begin
To take advantage of me
I tell you this because
No matter what happens from here on out
I want you to know how I feel
And I pray with all my heart that you will cherish it
Even if you are gonna remain my friend indeed
You will know how much you mean to me
I don’t trust you!
Not by a long shot
But I do need you to be with me
In whatever dimension its gonna be
Friend, school daughter (lol don’t mind me)
A part of me (Yeah maybe)
My boo (Hahahhaha) hilarious isn’t it?
You asked me once
If I could do without you
Well my answer is this
I can!!
It would be less painful if I did not have to
And this I mean
Nice day my queen
Take care of you for me

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