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Women Who Shine

Katy Perry vs. Cyndi Lauper — Fashion Faceoff

By | A-Line: Celebrity Style – Fri, Oct 5, 2012 4:37 PM PDT
Hello? Is the fashion lover of the house available? Because this week, we've got quite the style showdown between '80s rocker Cyndi Lauper and pop tart Katy Perry in the same whimsical dress featuring a London phone booth. The ladies, who are both known for their frequent hair-color changes and their quirky wardrobes, chose identical versions of Moschino Cheap & Chic's printed crepe mini dress. Lauper once prided herself on being different, naming her 1983 debut album She's So Unusual, and Perry has made it clear with fashions like her whip cream-spewing bra and a glow-in-the-dark dress that she likes to stand out from the crowd herself. So which one of them really owned this look? Time for us to decide ... who wore it best?!
Katy Perry (Getty Images)Cyndi Lauper (Splash News)
Perry, 27, donned the frock for dinner with friends in England's capital city last October. The "Wide Awake" singer further flaunted her fun sense of style by adding a classic trench coat, dark tights, a beanie, and black flats. As Perry once told the British morning TV show "Daybreak," her current style of high-fashion dresses mixed with trendy and sometimes funky pieces comes from her younger years, when she wasn't so financially successful. "I wanted to be unique but I had no means," Perry said. "I started going to charity shops, and vintage shops, and whatever I could get with the money that I made while playing the guitar on the street, that's what I bought and I cultivated this very interesting somewhat embarrassing style at times."
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Lauper, 59, took her turn in the dress last month at a book store in NYC. She wore it with big gold earrings, a black leather jacket, and tall black boots as she promoted her book simply titled, Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir. The "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" singer's Big Apple adventures also recently included a performance at the 70th birthday bash for her designer pal Betsey Johnson. It only makes sense that they'd be friends, right?
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While both women were able to fulfill their quirky quotient with this design, I think it's clear that one of them wore it better. On top of the splashy dress, Perry's many accessories and pink hair were a little too much for a casual night out. Lauper, however, kept the rest of her look rocker chic. (She's come so far since she dressed like the '80s version of Ke$ha!) For me, Lauper takes the crown — that's no doubt flashing neon lights. Do you agree?

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