Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wishes and horses

If wishes were horses beggars would fly
Yeah right
If wishes were horses
Everything in my life and your life would be right
If wishes were horses I wouldn't be here right now
If wishes were horses despair wouldn't
come near my hemisphere
If wishes were horses i wouldn't care

I listen to Nicki's fly
And I am taken high
Like a kite I soar
Its easy to believe things could be right
Its easy to fake a smile
And tell everyone its gonna be alright
Its easy to lose track of time
Its easy to mime
Let everyone believe I tell the truth
when all i do is tell a lie
If wishes were horses
Nothing around you
Not even your dreams would die

I am tired
Tired of fighting
Tired of hanging
On with this mindset that it will come around in time
If wishes were horses
Everyone would be judges
But we all know wishes aren't horses
So what's the alternative?
We continue to fight?
Ok i get that
Give me a minute
Let me get my breath back

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