Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh to be young again

Oh to be young again! What a thrill that would be!
She sits down beside me and pours out her heart
and i am tempted to laugh with glee
I start to think
Was this how i was at her age?
Men to those who were the same age I am now back then
I must have seemed so naive
She tells me about school intrigues
What Americans will call college
And I shake my head at the pointlessness of it
Its like I am hearing someone speaking greek
What she considers important is completely alien to me
I mean
Can y'all get this?
Who cares who is sleeping with who?
We have a term in my country for call girls
College or university female students who serve as escorts or more
to men who are twice their age.
Geriatrics with little or no shame
They are called Aristoes!!
If a college student gets too many visitors coming from town in sleek cars.
Most often than not she is instantly labeled an Aristo!
Now she sits and tells me that because most of the guys she makes friends with are usually much older than she is.
Men not boys who are already working, driving their own cars and stuff.
She is being labeled as an aristo
"Why don't people mind their own damn business?" She rants
"Is it her fault that she doesn't get along with people her own age? Is it her fault that she only feels  safe and comfortable with someone much older?
"Besides all the guys that come looking for her she hasn't slept with any of them. So what the hell is everyone's problem?"
The adage there is no smoke without fire runs through my mind but in the state that she is in i wisely decide to keep my mouth shut and hear her out.
she drones on and on. When she eventually stops for breath i cut in. The solution to me is very simple. She doesn't need a crystal ball to get out of her self inflicted scrapes. What we Yoruba's call Afowofa.
"Gal you have to do two things and your problems are solved."
"Really?" She gasped excitedly. "What?"
"1. You keep a low profile. Get your extroverted nature under a tight leash. Go for your lectures, when you are done come straight back to your room. You do that long enough the town criers will find something else to talk about."
She sighs nodding slowly.
"What is the other thing?"
I take a long pause before i speak as i search for the most tactful way to put this. She has a friend who to me is a demon in sheep's clothing. Ok! that is a bit harsh. The girl is not really her friend. She walks, looks and talks like a friend but she seriously is not. I honestly don't know how to tell her but half the scrapes she gets into are caused by this her so called friend.
And in my opinion half of the Aristo rumors that fly around have only one source. If you haven't guessed it yet then you are not as smart as I thought you were. So slowly and gently I begin to explain to her that she needs to put some distance between her and this friend of hers.
She listens intently for a couple of minutes and then cuts in, introducing another twist. It also happens that a guy who had an interest in her way back when. Chased her around the yellow brick road.....ladida ladi facking da
I won't bore you with the details. but the crux of the matter is when he discovered she wasn't being as forthcoming as he wanted he quickly switched his attention to her friend much to her inner chagrin. She had no intention of dating him, but she was secretly enjoying the attention. Herein lies the dilemma. She can't cut ties with her friend cos she doesn't want the guy and her friend to think she is jealous. WTF!!!!!
"HELLO!!!" I silently scream. Does it even matter what they think?
Oh i forgot. The twenty year old who for some reason sees me as a sphinx!!
To be young again.
I hold onto my patience and only just and quietly explain to her that she has to give the girl some space.
She listens intently looking subdued as my facts slowly penetrate her fog covered brain. When I am through she4 is even more subdued. She assures me that she will do what i say.
I take her assurance with a pinch of salt. She is a scrape magnet in my book. I am not a fan of gals or women as a whole. Eighty percent of them seem silly. Fifteen percent carry too much emotional baggage that am sorry to say you would do well to AVOID! The five percent that remain who I pray are ok and cool are reclusive. You couldn't draw them out of their shell if you tried.
But____ Against everything i have ever felt or believed. Something draws me to this one. As she struggles close silently begging to be taken under my wing. I find myself raising them so she can get in.
I don't have feelings for her. Not that i know of anyway. But I just feel the need to look out for her. Maybe If I am lucky she won't make the same mistakes I made when I was her age.
Who am i kidding? I am no pied piper of Hamlin. I am too old for this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
To be young again! Pah! What a pipe dream. Its over rated believe me.

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