Thursday, October 25, 2012

One day

One day.....
One day is no day
The words I will do better one day
Keeps ringing in my brain
My body throbs in ways i cannot explain
I want to be good
But the hunger will not go away
So what do i say?
I will do better one day

One day.....
They say is no day
I will do better one day
Which day?
I am asked
One day
Is all my mind says
The thoughts bring dirt
Filth in the worst way
Yet all i say
Is I will do better one day

Its been years
Oh well!!
The flesh is....
More or less
The hunger
The prayers seem to permeate through
But what do I do

The only thing I can
I could
Under the circumstances do
I will do better
One day
It grows, gains
No matter how fast I race
Maybe this day that I felt would be my day
Has been postponed to one day
I can only pray
That God will make that day today
So I can do better one day
Then will it be my way
Then i will not sway
Then the true path will be my gain

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