Saturday, October 20, 2012

Election day in Ondo State

Ondo state
Yeah I know we need grace
Today is judgment day.
Today we know who is gonna rule us again
Do I care?
No! not really__
Who cares who is gonna be in office?
When all they want to do is get there and line their pockets
My society is hilarious!
The bad is called good and the good bad!

I read the papers recently and I saw my president
included 1.5 billion in our budget for he and the vice president's feeding
for the year 2013.
What the hell is he eating?
Anyways why I am surprised?
Like i said, I live in a hilarious society.
Hardwork is rarely rewarded
Merit is a romantic illusion that is looked upon with disdain
Wealth and influence is celebrated
No one really cares how the money is gotten
You could rob a bank
Loot public office,
Swindle a couple of people
But no one minds as long as you throw
some cash around

Anyways why bore you with the gory details
I guess I am kinda in a political mood today
hahahhahah as if?
No not really
I am really in a wish everything would change mood
I guess we can only pray right.
Maybe one day things will be right

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