Monday, October 15, 2012


Faith! Believing in things not seen
A force some may call freedom married to another intangible entity called Hope!
With these two many are of the opinion that you can achieve anything.
I read somewhere that as the earth draws to an end
The well of faith will be spent
That human beings will cease to believe in anything
But what their five senses can make sense of
If it cannot be touched, smelt, seen, tasted and created
then it does not exist

A man I really admire and respect said with great faith
Dedication, hardwork and focus the sky is your limit
He however said all these things are useless without a vision
A goal or a passion
A man of wisdom he said is either chasing a dream
Running with a vision or burning with a passion
What (If i may ask) are you living for?
Do you know? Have you asked or tried to find out?
Do you believe it can become real?

Or have you tried for a bit and when you saw no head way you gave up
And said the words silly me
Have people told you that you are a silly dreamer and you should face reality
And come out of your dreams of fancy?
If they have then welcome to the club.
If you gave up I can't condemn you
What with economies failing, joblessness, wars, strife and a host of other things
Its no wonder it is hard to believe in anything

If you are like me that getting money in your pocket
is the topmost priority,
or you barely survive from paycheck to paycheck
But you have this burning desire to think outside the box
And chase that which defines you
In spite of what the world may tell you
Then hurray for you
But If you are of two minds
Or you have given up altogether
Like i said earlier i cannot condemn you

I cannot tell you definitively that you will wave a magic wand
And poof all your dreams and wildest imaginations would become real
I am human like you are
And even if i did you'd probably say that am unrealistic
Or that i do not have a clue
But wouldn't it be better to keep at it and keep striving
till you get to it or at least close to it
Think about it
Don't you think that giving it all you got
Till you are completely sure it aint gonna work before you quit is best?

Failure I don't think is unique of any man
Abraham Lincoln failed tons of times till he became president
And we all know what good he did
Then we have Thomas Edison
Creator of the light bulb
Someone also said that today's world belongs to the dreamers
Those who are brave enough to chase after what they believe
Abraham in the bible was told as far as your eyes can see
Anybody say imagination?
I think so anyway
Dont think I am talking to you alone as I write this
I am talking to myself too
I am just like every other person that needs a reason to go on

And day by day
My father upstairs keeps giving me a reason to go on
He has never left me alone
Or allowed my faith to completely fail
But no matter how much He loves me
If I do not have faith
Even he cannot help me
Believe my friends
Chase those dreams
No matter how ridiculous they might seem
When Gates, Jobs or Zuckerberg quit school
I bet people thought they were ridiculous
We all know how they turned out

I am out pips!
Remember Faith is key!

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