Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Men like Morsi

There will always be men like Morsi
Dictators drunk with power
Trying to put blinkers on the eyes of their people
Make them feel that every wrong step they are taking is for their own good
While they line their nests with the state's loot

They will always be men like Morsi
Though thankfully
Their strain has been stamped out none too slowly
Africa is being slowly cleansed
of the dictatorship
And the landscape is slowly changing

Now he sits on his high horse pontificating
Telling Egyptians that the new laws are from their benefit
Now he is a Pharaoh like in the times of Moses
And he wants to rule without mercy
Now let me speak about my country
Sometimes I wonder who is worse 
Who has the most vile thoughts
Who is the greater of the lost

My president is not different from Morsi
Though in his defense his only hunger
is for money
There is such mammoth theft all around him
But he doesn't have the will
To persecute those that loot
around him

Our dear Petroleum Minister
I cannot help laughing when I think about her
Trillions of naira, Billions of dollars disappeared
Under her watch
And my dear President with his silence
says ride on!!!
While millions of Nigerians suffer on

There will always be leaders like Morsi
And this is sickening
God is our only defense from the evil we see
At their hands
The pain that runs so deep
Caused by men like Morsi
Who to put it mildly are slightly crazy
I dont know why men like Morsi
Never learn such great lessons
That with power comes responsibility
You have to make life better for your people not worse

In my opinion life would be better without men like Morsi
What we need now are men of empathy
Not power hungry, money grubbing fiends
who want to become deities
I wish an end to all this
And God will be with us till we achieve it

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