Monday, November 19, 2012


It is always moments
Moments when I feel the most alive
Moments when the world seems kind
Moments when shame appears right before my eyes
Moments when I am embarrassed about what I cannot describe

Its the eyes
Its always the eyes
I look into them
And these moments become more than just my cries
The cries I make to my heavenly father who is kind
There are always moments
When I feel I do not do what seems pleasing in his sight
But these moments are my moments
And I fight
Fight every single moment to make it right
I am alive
And I thank you father for all you have shown to a man such as I
These are my moments
When I am what I believe no one could possibly like
I am in a moment
A seemingly small speck in my heavenly father's eyes
But God in this my moment
Make it worth my while
Because this moment without you
Oh boy I can't think about it or I will cry
This is my moment and I know it is time
For me to live life
And perhaps be what I will find hard to describe

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