Monday, November 5, 2012

My Spiritual Mother

I love my birth mother
Do not doubt
If you do, you will see me turn into a tout
Because she gave me what no one should have to do without! Life, love, support; I could go on for so long
But in this note she does not belong
I want to talk of my other mother
Some talk of spirit husbands, spirit wives! Which could be interpreted to mean something benign
But my Spiritual mother was sent to me by Jesus Christ
Because I believe he heard my cry
He heard on many a lonely night
Everytime I asked him why
He was there when I sighed
Because he is kind

She was my friend when I was alone
My mother when I groaned
My confidant when the words could not be told
My support when everything around me did nothing but scold
She taught me that I was cold
She showed me I did not have to be alone
Through her guidance my eyes opened
That I could be a better person if I just let go
Of my pain, my frustration
The stupid feeling that I was alone
Even when I messed up she did not scold
She just calmly and collectedly
Showed me
Where I got it wrong!
Not condescendingly
Or insulting ly as the pharisees of old
But lovingly, gently
Even more gently than my birth mother ever would
You made me see that there was so much more to see
You made me imagine the infinite possibilities
You saw past my shortcomings
Or what the world would call disabilities
You saw me the way God sees me
You saw what even I did not see
You saw me!

Now you are no longer close to me
But that doesn't make me miss you any less
It doesn't make me not want to pick up the phone or perhaps send you a text
I just want you to know I realize how much you helped me
And to say I will never forget what you did
You were a mother to me
Even when you did not have to be
God indeed blessed me
By bringing you and Daddy to me
And I Thank Him and you greatly
Peace ma and GLORY!!

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