Friday, November 23, 2012

Pain and a dream

Pain and a dream

by Dayo Akintomide on Friday, November 23, 2012 at 10:55am ·
I feel it
Feel what? I can almost hear you think
I feel the pain
Its an ever present thing
Can barely ever escape from it
A poignant reminder
That not everything is as it seems

I need to be redeemed
I need an absolution from...
Who else?
The king of kings
I need to understand what this all means
I need to feel
To reach the heights I see everyday in my dreams

But the pain doesn't want to let me
It wants to keep me hidden
Like a sleepwalker buried deep in dreams
It doesn't want me to feel
To be
After all this time
One would have thought something would give
But still....
Fight fight
War is all I see
But I do not focus on the pain
I focus on the dream
Focus on what will make me fulfilled
I do not know how I will get to it
But I do know I got to keep moving
Lord you are my king
Help me to be strong so I can finish the task you gave to me
Because without you am nothing

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