Monday, November 26, 2012

The Life of a writer

The life of a writer
It sounds like a romantic beginning
of a play let or a lovely song
But it is anything but that
It is a calling I could not in good conscience
Allow anyone to get embroiled
Without giving it the much needed thought
And you could swear by all that is important to you
That it was what you want

Success doesn't come easy
And to some it never does
How many people know of the many hours
Spent poring over words
In front of your computer
And no matter what you did
It still came out sounding wrong

I cannot tell you of the tons
And tons of discarded paper
That have been flung
And disposed of
Because even after hours and hours
You couldn't find the right tone
I cannot tell you of the scores
For some hundreds
For others thousands of rejections
Ranging from try harder
To i do not feel your narrative voice

I cannot tell you of the looks of pity
Like some abandoned deity
you get
When people look at you
And say what the heck is he doing
Get a solid nine to five
And get your life
Back on track
Stop chasing the silly desires of the heart
Be realistic
Those dreams of fancy do not mean a thing
How could i describe
The hunger
And drive of the unwritten story
Or the hope for glory
not glory
The hope that somewhere out there
Someone appreciated your story
Loved it maybe
Then if you were lucky
You would eventually get paid for it
And no more would you feel like
The world's biggest git
Or as if you had fallen asleep
While the world raced ahead
Pit by pit
Like last's season's grand prix
But if you succeed
You have achieved life's ultimate

You have made a difference
Put aside the shame
And gained a reprieve
The life of a writer is not one of ease
But it is what I was born to be
My Father in heaven
Please help me!

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