Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As i write this I am tired,
Am sitting hunched up in front of my computer
Edgy and very wired
But if these words don't come out
It would be a disaster of cataclysmic proportions!
And yes I am kidding
But finishing it would add a notch to my reason for living

Yeah I know you will have a hard time believing
That someone I haven't met could intrigue me so greatly
I can't believe it myself
And I ask myself is it cos she is pretty....
Scratch that....
If I call you just pretty i would be doing you a great disservice
You are beautiful
And I am not kidding
What I find amusing is what got us talking
Its hilarious isn't it?
Well for me..... really?
Naa! Just kidding

What do i call this?
Puzzlement? Hmmmmnnn maybe
Surprise? Yeah that might do it.
Interest! hell yeah
That hit it
The nail on the head
Gross isn't it?
Now I sleep
Waiting for the nifeharams to come knocking
I guess this is where i call in the federal government to look into it
If you laughed
I have achieved something

Seeing you will be fulfilling
And maybe then i can finally prove to you
That I can be trustworthy
And I can tell you
Without using useless inadequate words
How special
I think you are
And how you shine bright like a star
In the darkness
And how much your brightness
Hope that maybe
Just maybe
I was wrong
Maybe I sang the wrong song
And maybe with that knowledge
I will eventually find where i belong
And try not to think of that lucky angel
Before I find myself wishing
I was him and he was me
Sounds terrible doesn't it?
Goodnight mi'lady
A king signing out
Hope I sang a sweet enough melody
And if i did not
I'll do better next time
Trust me!

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