Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My thoughts on Obama

Obama wins the second term___
Even though I suspected he would be re elected there was a point I sincerely began to doubt it.
Especially after the first presidential debate
Where Romney kind of gave him a whooping!
I am glad it was him that won anyways. Personally I didn't really see Mitt Romney as the American president.
But who am I to judge since I am not an American citizen.
But I could not help but be inspired by his speech.
Just seeing him on that podium made me believe
That it is indeed possible to have a dream and achieve it if you believe and chase it hard enough
America is truly the land of opportunity!
Who would have thought after all the racial discrimination of times past
A black man would be sitting in the white house as the US president
And not only that re-elected to serve a second term
I bet Martin Luther King when he gave the I have a dream speech didn't realize it would come so quickly
I remember in 2008 when he was declared the winner and he was giving his speech
I remember seeing Jesse Jackson in the crowd shedding tears
I almost shed a couple of tears too
But I didn't
Seeing him birthed a burning desire to chase my dreams much harder
After all If he could rise to the peak of his career why can't I too in my own field of endeavour

Isn't that what life is all about?
When you succeed, you don't just succeed for yourself
You succeed for the millions of others who are coming behind you
So that when they see you up there, they too would be inspired to achieve great things
Say what you like about Obama
He is only an orator
He cannot effectively manage the economy
He gives great speeches but doesn't really deliver where it truly matters
Yeah you may be right
But i don't really care
The man has truly inspired me
And i wish him the best
I only wish the leaders in my country could care about the people
The way he seems to care about the American people
In my country our leaders are selfish, greedy and corrupt
The youth are treated with disdain and casual indifference
But since great change could happen in America
I believe it can also happen here
And i want to be one of the ones heralding that change
Good work Obama!
Long live America
And God bless Nigeria

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  1. This is highly inspiring, may God increase His grace upon you.

  2. Amen bro. Thanks a mil. Keep following this blog