Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Truth

It is not in my nature to hate
Neither is it in my nature despise them
But it is in my nature to question why they do the things they do
Why do they like people who they feel they can treat like a fool?
I am no fool
I am no Einstein either
But my brain and my thinking is fool proof
I see things others may not do
It just takes one look
And I can see into you
I am not always right
But I always come close
To what they think they will hide from this recluse

I am a man tired of seeing the untrue
Just for once I wish someone
Would prove
That all I think is not the truth
Prove me wrong
I beg of you
Alas none thus far
Has done what the others could not do
Some schools
Of thought said that perfection
In any man is not in view
What I know to be truth
And what they do not know or do
Is that I search not for perfection
All I search for is the truth

You lie
And you think this is good
The sad part is
I just need to look at your face
And I know
You tell untruths
I can see the stains of your lusts
All over you
In plain view
Why will I not run from you?
If I call you a whore
You'll say I am being cruel
But what I tell you
Is nothing but the truth
Where are the good ones?
Dead, in the ether, or simply
Dead gone and buried
Hidden from view
Or have they been taken
To a place no one
No one knows but you

Maybe I am a fool
For believing and hoping in the unbelievable
Maybe absolution is a mirage
A silly dream for those who do not have a clue
Or maybe I am legend
And I am one of the few
That know
somewhere out there
Is the truth!
She lives eats and breathes just like i do
And every step i take leads to her too
Maybe like me
She sees the untruths
And wonders whether there are any like me too
Maybe just maybe we both will be one and become a greater truth
If not
Hope will fade away like mountain dew
Now I am confused!

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