Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random words

Dark days
Lonesome ones
You think you do right
Then the right you thought
You did comes back to bite you in the back
Or the hand whichever you prefer

Oh what words!
They seemed so right at the time
But now....
I am wondering why I did it in the first place
Why I ran this hard in a stupid race
But even as I think this
I see her face
And what I thought was bordering on hate slowly fades away

The words I must admit make
Perfect sense
In my defense
You can't see a good thing
And not want a taste
Or want to possess
Whichever one comes first
But I realize one thing
You can't let the anger take the place
Of empathy
You got to take the right one in
Not anger,
Not lust,
Not shame,
Then what?
Its freedom
They come and they go
Slow and steady
I realize I face the race alone
They don't matter
If they did....
All my dreams would have become real

The funny thing is
I don't feel a thing
All that matters is the dream!
The dream is all that will stay
Will not!
So maybe that's the lot
I on the other hand
Must face the sun
The dream, the one,
Other things should not matter at all
At least not so much

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