Friday, February 15, 2013

A generation lost

I know the feeling
Do you? I hear you ask me
Its nothing more than a need powered by vanity
A complex
Inferiority.... More or less
Or a smokescreen to hide our nakedness
The emptiness
That no matter how hard we try
Or lie
We have no shield
To cover our inadequacies
To an unforgiving world
Before forces that are our greatest critics
And biggest judge
I read facebook posts
Blogs, and sound people off
Laughing cos of how many are trying to sound smart
Here we are trying to present a side to the world which will be more at home in a video game world
No one is who they claim to be anymore
They argue topics
Spill out logic
Drop acronyms
That sounds like some mismatched or poorly written literature
And sit back and smile saying
I am the FUTURE!!
I shudder at that future
Where fakeness and airs become modern day lore
Should that happen we are accursed
Where is the African voice?
I don't want no Kim Kadashian
Ben Affleck or Robin Givens walking through my door
I want to see an Achebe
A soyinka
Though I would pass up on
An 'Amanda
But that's me so don't judge
Where is our identity?
Is it LOST?
Jeez! Am tired of it all!
Phoney accents
Ludicrous airs
A billion likes
And gazillion shares
But in all the big words
There is nothing but emptiness
A wretched unforgiving
That I shudder just thinking about it
This land is slowly leaning to the lost
All I can pray and say is God help us all
And to all my fellow Nigerians
I rest my case
You be the judge
Cos am GONE!

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