Thursday, February 28, 2013

Someone i cant seem to forget

I think of you
I always think of you
No matter how hard I try
I find myself doing that which I swore I would not do
I see your eyes, I see your lips
In my mind
And suddenly I become more of a recluse
There are women around me
Some razz some tush
But my mind is drawn inexplicably back to you
You could be crude
Uncouth even
Saying things even a saint would find uncool
But when I close my eyes,
Or I open them all I see is you
You turned your back on me
And to be fair to you
I left too
The reasons
Who knows?
Things right now are scattered
Troubled, unsettled
Like waves swirling
Round around
We go
I can almost hear benign voices say
Now am the crossroads
Wow! What a to do!
The question remains
What would Jesus do?
What will the righteous say?
Where will this troubled heart stay
Till the day breaks
I must give myself space
Lest bitterness turns to hate
I cannot afford to be late
For what the great
One brings to me
Horizon please come quickly
And put this hurting heart at peace
Before I run out of leash
And run after what will not appease
The hunger and completion
My spirit needs
God help me

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