Monday, February 11, 2013

Dinner with a skank

I had dinner with a skank!
Yeah that got your attention
Better put on your thinking caps
And get your ass outta the tank

Its derogatory! He roars
And responds calling me a lank-y
Its the truth just hear me out
She is married and yet she wants me or is it him
To take her out!
Like a new car on a test drive
She wants me to throttle her hard
At this juncture I should stress
I don't think she remembers her vows
I can't help thinking she is a cow
Other unsavory adjectives come to mind
Least of which is do...
Let's not go there anyway its best it stays in my thoughts
Before they form into words

Things are not the way they were before
Now with blackberry and over two dozen other smartphones
Whoredom is one with the world
Things that should be kept private are now displayed for all
I also have walked this walk
So who am I to judge
Promiscuity, adultery, fornication are simply part of us
If you close your eyes tightly
You could almost believe it is one of us
Or they are...
Well... These are probably just words!
Random, chaotic thoughts
I had dinner with a skank!
And I knew what she was
The sad thing is
I enjoyed it all
So what does that make me?
Worse than her?
Or am I my own worst enemy because
I do not do what the man up there wants

But let's get this straight
These aren't mere words!
The truth is I wasn't the one at dinner
It was a man I like to call ze coque!
He alone goes where he should not
Dinner with a skank
That's what he wants
And I have to listen to his sordid tales of lust
Come deliver us all
Before fire and brimstone rains on the earth

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