Thursday, February 28, 2013

The dream

It comes as a still small voice
Then it becomes a choice
Something you must do
Before you find your voice

Only then can you say rejoice
Its more than just words
More than thoughts
Random variables
On the surface of time
With its movements it wouldn't be hard to imagine that it was benign

For so long I couldn't describe it
Couldn't find a name for it
It was bigger than me
Stretching even further than my eyes can see
In my mind's eye I realized I could become it
It was a choice
To chase my dreams
As outlandish as they might appear to others who see it in the raw state that it is
The choice was never what to be
The choice has always been how to actualize what I was seeing
The hunger is a booster for me
It drives me
To reach for it
And put away the darkness from my spirit
And BE what I was born to be
Only then will I live FREE!

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