Friday, February 15, 2013

I Dare

Alone but not lonely
How true those words were
It suddenly occurs to me that
If you are unhappy
Or have been angered by someone
You determine where eagles dare
I dare to be different
I dare to fly solo

I dare to reach up to the heavens
I dare to feel completion
I dare to share
Bask in the magnificence
Of his spirit
Till pain and sadness fades into insignificance

I dare to put away anger
I dare to rise above sorrow
I dare to fight for tomorrow
I dare to laugh at her goodbyes
And forge ahead to the next welcoming smiles
I dare to forget all the lies
I dare to see freedom in my skies

I dare to go to a place where darkness will not faze me
Where sorrow will not touch me
Where casual indifference will not hurt me

I dare to fight for what I believe
I dare to make the world believe
I can be a king
Whether it wants or does not want me to be
I dare to believe
That I can achieve

And I dare to hope
That another day brings nothing but glory
And I dare to tell many more stories
Because inherent in that lies my glory
Dare anything
Its yours so take it
Regret is not in the offing

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