Thursday, February 28, 2013

To hear you speak

I wait to hear from you
Vision, dreams or wishes will not do
I need you to tell me what I am to do
So confused
Puzzled even
Oh what a to do!
I heard my mentor speak
And I must admit
I understood more than I use to do
But I need more to get free
From the shackles that hold my foot

Darkness moves
But in my mind's eye I already see the break of day
In my mind's eye I see hearts aglow
Mountains move
And righteous pleasures
That can only be from heaven's dew
But yet
I need to hear from you
I can't help thinking that it is because I don't know enough of you
That's why some of my mountains have not moved
I look into hate filled and disinterested eyes
But I pay them no mind
What I search none of them can give me in cash neither can they give in kind
I need to look inside
I need your voice to guide
I need you sweet Holy spirit
Please guide
And make this life truly worth my while

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