Thursday, February 28, 2013

God on facebook

There are times I really wish God was on facebook
If he was I could tell him in my inadequate words how undeserving I am of his mercy
How without him I have no reason for living
Without him I am just the lowest of the low
The barest grain of a speck
And I say this with all seriousness
And not in jest
My very existence I am afraid is to worship him
And I am afraid I also do this very inadequately
God help me
Every thought, every task should be to please him
Not go pottering off to do my own thing

I sometimes wish God is on facebook
So I could craft these inadequate words
And beg for his mercy
Thank him for his graciousness
For sparing me
From the defilers of destiny
For perfecting my breathing
And to sleep so peacefully

But I guess he is on facebook
He is everywhere
Omnipotent, omnipresent
So he sees my pitiful attempts at pleasing him
So maybe just maybe
I would be doing that which pleases him
And not just walking,
Led by my every sinful whim
Everything should be and would be for him

But if God was on facebook
Like a fire
Or the quiet stillness of a running brook
Would u still post the things you do
Knowing he could see
The inconvenient utterances you make, pictures you paste without even having a clue
To the adverse effect these things have on you
And others whose destinies are to be shaped by you
What am I saying?
He may be and not be on facebook
Who knows and who knew?
But to tell you the truth
He is everywhere
And our goal is to do
Only that which pleases him
And which to some, might be considered to being a fool
But God is God and this is truth
So our job is to try
And be the best
So he could be proud of you
Me too!
God we are fallible
But somewhere inside us lies the capacity to love you
Help us to be what you want us to be
And to do
What you want us to do!
Make us cool
And take all the glory
For doing what you said you will do
Lord in heaven I lift my hands to you
And from my heart I adore you 

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