Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Choice and whatever else is out there

I was mocked
Snubbed! Counted as dirt for the world to walk on
Until I became God's son
Until I could clearly define what I wanted to become
Now am faced with one of such choices
And am plagued by the question of what is right and what is wrong
I am not a man that is like
Tens of thousands out there
I am unique!
A never before seen species
Sometimes unyielding!
This is not pride
Neither is it arrogance
It is simple a statement of fact
No pun, no cries or even laughs!
This existence is simply a task
A passage to the everlasting
A path to light and life
But I digress
I must stress
I do not know what to do about what comes next
As I write this I remember a warning that I was given and things become even less clear to me
Its like light, then darkness
All at the same time
Sweetness and sadness
Right before my eyes
Coming almost at the same time
Moments which are very difficult to define
A search for the meaning of life
A puzzle that might better be explained in the beauty of her eyes.
Seek and you shall find
I sought absolution
And instead I found her
Now it is time to know
What other things exist out there



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