Monday, February 11, 2013

Thoughts and free

Its all a game
So they all say
Even the universe is something
That was created in a time of play

I wouldn't know
I am no physicist
All I remember are my memories
Which take me back aeons to where my feelings once lay
I was delayed
Strung up and almost driven insane
By random thoughts I was unable to explain

Now is very much the same
I am haunted by a past
And a future that I cannot wait to attain
In their eyes it is one and the same
In my hands are the key to what I like to call my daybreak
In my dreams of freedom
Lies the mate that exceeds even my wildest dreams
My thoughts say
Oh if this were real
I feel zeal
I feel passion
And yet I wonder what I must do
To reach the peak
And make freedom my kin
I cannot continue to lie buried
Waiting for that which I cannot see
These words are unlikely to make much sense to anyone asides from me
All I know is....
The need to write them must be fulfilled
What will be will have to be
So God please help me!

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