Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A place where it hurts

Here you come
Trying to tape me to a world where I do not belong
It is wrong!
But something on my insides tells me to forge on
Seeing you makes me fly for aeons
Cross billions and billions
Flee across earth, wind and sky...
Even trees growing in scattered patterns all around me
Their poor attempts at screaming I am free
Seeing you makes me freeze
Couldn't explain even if I wanted to consult a seance!
All I know is what brings me out of balance
Everything outside this is me taking a big risk and worst of all an unhealthy chance
But those eyes
There is little or no place to hide
There is no life
Just an interval and a silence
That preys on the mind
Those eyes appear kind
But there is every possibility that they could morph into something benign
Yeah I am overthinking it
But that's how I survived
If I don't! I will lose a hold to the sweetness of life
One day another time
Maybe just once the tides will be right
And I will not have to be afraid of what comes after the night
Now I simply rest safely in his arms
Confident that he will help when he hears my cries and my calls
He alone is all

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