Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wishes and straws

Silly wishes!
Sillier dreams
But no matter how hard you try
You can't stop seeing what you are seeing
Or being what you have thus far been doing
How I wish there was a meter that pinged when you were about to do something stupid
The people that told me I take life too seriously sure were not kidding
Reach for the stars
Yeah right
Then why are you not moving
He speaks and then I hear him
And it is a wretched unforgiving
Because I always seem to be failing
Is the quest for a semblance of perfection just a poet's silly grasp at relevance in a world that doesn't want to hear him chant
And despises him for what he stands
Like some rustic old folklore
Heart races and then it quickens
It could mean something and then it could mean nothing
But I wish there was a way
That for certain you knew what you had in store
Not just some misplaced feelings
That are so easy to ignore
I am the law
Of my own destiny
But without clarity am simply clutching at straws
In a place where I do not belong
Singing miley cyrus's last song
I need a word!
Without it could come something accursed
Without HIM! Will never come the word rejoice
Maybe then these anxieties and dreams will stop
And then I can truly become the one



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