Friday, February 15, 2013

An unworthy salutation to the King of kings

At the mercy of a dimming battery
I wonder how long will it last so I can say what's on my mind and live care free
There is a beautiful world out there
And I am glad I am part of it
Wonders upon wonders surround me
But I am saddened cos for so long
I lacked the capacity to see it

There are the hills
The valleys
The multiplicity of the richness that surrounds me
Its hard to believe that at a time I felt I wasn't free
I am free
I have always been
Because my heavenly father loves me
Everything I do should have been to please him
I should have been the muse
Poet, thinker, ponderer and philosopher
He made me out to be
In his magnificient and brilliance
He created the spectacle
The awesomeness that is me
He blew air into my lungs
And inspite of everything the devil has done he kept me

Oh Lord how great art thee
You are my father
And your splendor humbles me

The world is my territory
And it could have been naught but thee
You gave life even when everything spoke death
Truly you are king!
Am glad it was you that birthed me
I bend down as a naija man and hail thee
You are the fuel that nourishes me
In you have I found my peace
Lord you are king!
Thanks for being rich unto me
And accept these pitiful lines
From unworthy me!

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